Parenting Tips

The "Parenting On The Go" video series, made possible by Civic Center TV, offer solutions to today's parenting challenges. 

Blended Families

Host Sheena Monnin discusses the topic of Blended Families with Jesse and Melva Johnson. 

Anxious Parenting

Dr. Toni Kaplan talks about how “anxious parenting” can affect the development and successes of our youth, teens, and young adults. 

Parenting Babies

Host Samana Sheikh talks to Rebecca Zusel, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Family Therapist at Hand 2 Help about parenting babies. 

Parenting Teens & Tweens

Recent West Bloomfield High School graduates give a student's point of view on parenting, and what works, and what doesn’t.    

Advocating for Special Needs Children

Hear from Annie Lehmann, Author of “The Accidental  Teacher: Life Lessons from My Silent Son” about the challenges and rewards of raising a child with special needs. 

Teens & Technology

Oakland County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Paul Walton discusses how parents can encourage their children to properly manage their online presence and keep themselves safe from dangerous web behaviors. 


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